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Sello ADP-001.jpg
Sello ADP-001.jpg


The essence of our forest  in Patagonia.

A refreshing scent

  and a traditional bottle that  contains

  original aromas 

for men and women

Sello ADP-001.jpg


Soaps in cube format  

with natural essences from our ancient forests

in patagonia

Sello ADP-001.jpg


Nourishing shampoo based on Meli and  Verbena. With essential oils from our native forests in Patagonia

Sello ADP-001.jpg


Natural balm, based on Meli and  Verbena. Essential oils from native forests  they repair the  hair, leaving a shiny

natural and soft touch

Sello ADP-001.jpg

Liquid soap

The liquid soap of Patagonia. refreshing and natural,

in base of  Meli.  a smooth texture,  repairing  the

body and  hands

Sello ADP-001.jpg

Gift packs

multiple  packs and combinations for a unique gift  and original  of our Patagonia

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